Malaysian Underground Lyrics

Carburetor Dung

Boo Hoo Clapping Song 

I walk alone, I’m lonely
Why should we hear your problems?
I sit at home, I’m crying
Don’t wanna know, we don’t care
My baby’s gone, she left me
Suits you right boy, you now it
My world gone wrong, please help me
We have no time, no beat it!

And everyday, we share our dreams
And everynight, we laugh at things
Now you don’t care, now you don’t feel
So many friends, now where they’ll be?
Now you tell me…

Buck Naked

Singalong to Buck Naked people!


Palefaced desire
Strip your pride and come with me!
Gotta take me higher
Bucknaked and screaming free!

Screaming! Free!

Wont live forever
Break your chains and dance with me!
Come on feel my fire
Bucknaked and screaming free!

Don’t Know

War rages on Red Sea
Famine in Africa
Now you’ve got to tell me
What’s wrong with our world, oh ma!

Don’t know, don’t know, don’t know

Lives raped in Bosnia
Race riots USA
Fascist Europa
Don’t you care for our world right now?

Your world is burning,
Your world is dying
You keep your eyes shut
Your minds full of shit
You let your world bleed
You know you suck!

Rain dropping acid
Beggars are lining the streets
Daddy’s beating his sons
Lonh hair is even being banned

Labour Of Hate

I find myself in this bus again
Fighting for space, a seat for rent
The rain is falling down with shame
We trapped ourselves in this heat of Caine

Why should I be here
Greeting these unsmiling faces
Should I even care?
For the measly sum that I get

Marking my steps upon these stairs
Punching the clock with tenderness
I’m in a room where no sun will shine
I hear their voices, still I don’t understand

Promises made, promises gone
The poor is still under the strong
Still the world will run this way till I’m gone

Still I’m here all day long
Slave of wage, I’m one
Still I’m here all day long
Slave of wage Till I’m gone

Carburetor Dance

Dragging black claws through layers of sleep
As I wandered through each chartered trip
Choked alive the pond spills out its store
Pull these faces embedded (in) my sore

Hands on fire the street sweeper cries
As we sail on dry seas of desire
Wobbling down through this long list of lies
To the children in strollers they sigh
“My soul where am I?”
A mocking bird laughs
There’s tears in my eyes

Lost no heartbeat when this hammer falls
Splitting like open palms on soft floors
Laugh in flowers rendered to your toil
Feed your fires to poison my soil

I compared thee to a summers day
When the moon gloats on owl moans awake
Still your body floats to foreign bays
Guilty of dust and flickering sin

Slam Safe Today

Gather round my friends
It’s our time for fun
Leave your problems
It’s time to jump around
Feel the flames
Feel the noises in your heart
Move your limbs
Time to sweat it out tonight

Slam yourself insane
Stamp all your problems in
Time to let your anger out tonight

Watch out for your friends
Don’t let them feel no pain
Unite! We slam safe today

Build a pit somewhere away from the stage
Have some space in front for standing friends
Keep your kicks low, don’t let it hit my head
Watch your boots don’t you stamp down on my feet

Let them see you, don’t come from behind
Point your finger to where you wanna land
Catch your friends if you see one flying down
Pick your friend up don’t leave him on the floor

Now my friends, let us all have some safe fun
No time to worry, no time to feel so down
Don’t need no asshole in our pit tonight
so move around, it’ll make you feel alright!

Property Properly

You live your life with the venom of malice
You stinking soul loves the sickness it carries
You stabbed your friends for property and money
You turned your back on our trust and our friendship

All the lies that you’ve told
All the faith that you took
Left me down and screaming
Now it’s time for my punch
I’ve taken all I can
Watch your steps now my friend

You selfish jerk!
Unthinking bastard!
Time to feel my hurt!
Kiss my boots with your face, right here now!

You lied to your platforms and high seats
Promote ignorance to people of your deeds
You twist your laws for property and money
Your rape our rights for more power and glory

All the wealth that you reap
All the tears that you squeezed
As you make love to your greed
Time has come for our hunt
We will take our stand
Watch your steps now old man!

Pot-bellied sick nerds
Corrupted bastards
Time to feel our hurt
We will hang you high, right here, now

Song For A Friend

Your hate-filled pride, my feelings denied
What makes you think you’re better than me?
Self-righteous act is not what we asked
Are we not friends?
We’re not enemies!

Your selfish anger, for such a small slip
You lost your head boy! just like a small kid
You let your words fly, you do no thinking!

We are your friends now, used to mean something
Know what it means!


You’re lying through your teeth
Throwing promises to the wind
You want people to treat you right
Betraying all your friends
Pouring poison in our ears
You’ve locked yourself within…
Your pride


What’s good in saying you’re sorry?
You’re twisting your words around again
The damage’s done
You can’t unwind
I’ve had enough of you my friend


We used to be best friends
Now I know I’m just a tool
This time I’ve learned to hate…
Your guts

We won’t be the same again
Don’t wanna be nobody’s fool
Now there’s one thing we share…


Cruel Blue Van

Another day in Chow Kit Road
I walked alone looking at my toes
I hair was long and my jeans were torn
Bad vibes around and the smell was strong

Hot sun’s shining down
Those people looked with scorn
Don’t wanna be alone

A blind man, he’s crossing the road
Reached out my hand as something for him to hold
He flashed his badge and he told me, “son”
“You better come with me to the true blue van”

I’ve done nothing wrong
Please, please Mr. Bond
I’m not even stoned

They took me down to the Campbell Station
They looked so bored, no crime, no action
One flashed his stripes and he told me, “son”
“I’m gonna cut your hair, I’m gonna shave it bare”

Oh, no Mr. Bond
Long hair is nothing wrong
Please, please call my mom

Sweet mom came and I feel so glad
But then she said my hair is much too long
The Sargeant laughed and and he grabbed my neck
So that’s how my friends, I’m a skinhead now

Oh, no my girl no!
My hair it soon will grow
Please don’t leave me now

Long hair or short hair
You know there’s nothing there
What’s true is in your soul
Use your brain before it blows!



“We walked so proud, we walked so free”
I heard you shout
Do all you want, say all the rage you have inside
Open your eyes, society
See what we got
You think you’re free, you think you’re safe
You know you’re not!


What do you read, what can you see
Between their lines?
What can you do, what can you say
When you’re blind?
Where should we shout, where should we turn
When we see their faults?
Are we so thick, are we so dumb
Just like they want?


We’ll raise our voice (no way!)
We’ll raise our fists (no way!)
Is this your face democracy, conformity?
We’ll criticise (no way!)
We’ll organise (no way!)
Where is our voice, democracy, stability?
What should we see? (nothing!)
What should we think? (nothing!)
Where’s our sight, democracy?
You hide the key!
You’re blinding me!


You’re A Problem (Not A Solution)

I got a problem with you my friend
The way you’re thinking just could not stand
This scene is not just a one way track
Open up your eyes and see the light

Whatever noises from the underground
The softest sorrow to brutal grunge
We all are coming from the same stance
Let’s stop the fighting, unite we stand!

We got the whole world against us
These clothes, this noise, this hair
This flames we share among us
Kick out the bullshit, join our hands!

I got a problem with you my friend
Backstabbing assholes, you should be shunned
Your macho poses, you’re just a fool
Cool attitudes rule and you know it’s true!

Jump Down Lemonade

Colourful fences in your eyes
Watch out for sad thorns in mine
Run me down with your big grey car
I don’t see why I should mind

Jump on down, pucker up and give me your tongue
Jump on down, you know, I’ll always be around
(I’ll be around)

I know your sense, “a-ring-a-ding-dong”
Shouldn’t have stopped you fall in these arms
This rushing playground is crumbling down
Life doesn’t need to be so sad

Jump on down, pucker up and let my hands roam
Jump on down, you know, I’ll always be around
(I’ll be around)

Jump down, lemonade baby


Another day is dawning
I’ve got to stop my yawning
My bag is packed, I gotta be on my way
There’s no place I’m heading
But there’s no point in staying
My heart is set, I gotta be on my way

Time to be on my own
Face this world all alone
And I… got to say goodbye
Got to say farewell
There’s a life there for me and I just gotta go

This is no life I’m living
I see no future in dreams
Gotta get out, I gotta be on my way
I know it’s gonna be hard
This life is all that I got
I’m alive, I gotta be on my way


Are you happy?
Are you lonely?
Would you like to go out with me
And turn the heat up on those scums

Singing love songs
When the world gone wrong
They’re dancing on till dawn
Lets screw their world!

Cause they told me,
“Well, everything’s alright”
And they want me,
“Stay deaf, dumb and blind”

But there,
Lives a man upon the streets,
With boxes and no meals
And there,
Sits a mom with can in hand,
She’s singing at my feet
Should I,
Shut my eyes,
Blind out their cries,
And leave them ‘pon their knees
As this world goes round
With dollars and pounds
The rich, the strong
The mighty

our voice/the flag

workers of the world
friends and foes before me
take a look around and think now
here’s the life we’re living
herded in like animals
fed with lies and rulings
it’s the time for us to speak now
give our world a kicking

aren’t we all the victims
aren’t we all a joke
eyes awake (but) we’re sleeping
we run

*with the hands of the world
we’ll raise this flag
hey come together
and raise this one flag
hey! people unite
and raise this flag
hey come together
we’re flying one flag

the line

all truth forsaken
our rights denied
there’s nothing sacred
nobody reads between the lines

too tired
i’m running out of time
too tired
i’m living on the line

all senses blurring
i’m losing sight
my faith is burning
to keep on living is being blind

who suffers of course not all and our god above
am i the only? am i the only one?
the truth they say is an ugly bitch
abused as everyone pleases
so crumble the lowly,
for hunger of glory
tomorrow’s bleak, tomorrow’s black
no fuse will be left intact
no values redeeming
my whole life a dreaming
poverty’s hilarity it’s just a show for me
am i the only? am i the only one?

payday (ode to CM ’88-’95)

end of month has come
scratched my sign on the line
get in queue and cashed my money
bought a pack and two buns
wonder where my friends are right now
much too early for them
number 33’s on the run
blowing smoke all around

took a ride to chow kit road
browsed for hours at the bundle stalls
while the indons they looked so bored
on the lookout for the plainclothed cops

payday now
it’s getting late
pregnant skies on the way
rode a 12, went straight to CM
gotta see all my friends
gonna pay the ones that i owed
share a smoke and a joke
buy a round of hot teh tarik
just lepak there till late

central market, hey! here i come
no better place to hang around
the only scene where i belong
nothing beats the underground

wide awake

o happiness is coming,
right on my TV screen
my needs are televised,
just over channel three

wide awake, wide awake
turn of the lies
wide awake, wide awake
don’t ask me why

the “truth” that you see
are the lies that they feed
and it’s not the food that you’re gonna need

don’t tell me my life’s alright (wide awake)

free speech for one and all,
wrote all the media print
your dreams’ll be realised,
just close your minds and heed

wide awake, wide awake
turn off the lies
wide awake, wide awake
wipe out that smile

the “truth” that you read
are the lies that they feed
and it’s all the goods that they’re gonna give

don’t tell me my future’s all bright
as you keep saying your wrongs are right
don’t tell me my life’s alright
as you keep binding your ropes so tight

do nothing

today, i run along petaling street
trying to find, a better future
the FRUs are on my heels
and i’ve been hit
and i’ve been battered

nothing ever change, oh, no …
nothing ever change, oh, no!

people said to me, keep to yourself
it makes no sense, to invite truncheons
how could i be anywhere else
i can’t hide
i got a reason

nothing ever change, oh, no …
nothing ever change, oh, no!

we’re just living a life without feelings
we talk and talk … do nothing
they’re just living a life without feelings
they talk and talk … do nothing

don’t wanna be you

you’re working for the man
slaving for the company
selling your soul away
punching meters everyday
one day and you will find
twenty years had gone astray
suddenly realised did your dreams materialise?

don’t wanna be so true
don’t wanna be so right
don’t wanna be a stooge
just like you

don’t wanna be you

don’t wanna be so cool
don’t wanna be so right
don’t wanna be a fool
just like you

don’t wanna be you

out on your pedestal
spouting political crap
calling for unity
when your laws are full of shite
blood money on the side
jailing those who dared to stand
do keep this in your mind
blood is splattered on your hands

don’t wanna be so cruel
don’t wanna be so right
don’t wanna be a goon
just like you

don’t wanna be you


black sunday sun,
the doors are opened wide
a call, a torture and a wail on his sidewalk
a man he died alone sprawled on his bed
hugging a guitar ’round these stubs of cigarettes

try as i might get things right
can’t fit in
can’t fit in

but then the healed was never his wounds
pale alien he hides behind his heavy books
jump all the rest around their secure world
tails round his legs, he runs but then you know he should

been in this hole too long
I’ll never write another song
black sun is coming this way
“shall I just kiss this world away”


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