Malaysian Underground Lyrics


Redline 95 

And when people step out this red line
I’ll never let them to go
Never laugh cause this is the dead end
Is it my end before it start to show

And when people step out this red line
Mean no other place need to go
Let the future past in the mean time
Faces the griefness here all alone

Chorus :
It was you call me and told me
Help me out and shine up my life
It was u call me again tell I am without

It was you call me and told me
Blur up my eyes and left me alone
It was you told me the lies I always spoke


do u ever see the moon shining bright
do u ever think the moon shine like u
do u ever been on the star up in the sky
do u ever felt my feeling for u
bright sunshine used to be around when i’m thinking about u
there was a time when i felt on the ground
u wanna be with me
you’ll never sing a song gonna so sad
cause u’re never been to the place like
i have been trough
you always think the world is alright
that is why u’re my angel and i have
a feeling for u
you’re the spot
you’re the shooting star
that how i feel it about u
my sunshine you’re the only one
thats how it gonna be….
that is alright
all right
wooooooo hhhhhoooooooo

Blue Boo Boo

could u tell when my heart
sneak in into yours
did u hide it in your closet or
hide it at your boobs?
all i know it keep on turn me on (and on)
even tough i have refuse
i dont even have a single clue
but i guess it just a blue boo boo
could u tell me now where my heart gone
if i ask u to
is it somekind of trick youre playing now
and u want me to
blue boo boo
till the end….

Coffee and Sugar

couldn’t left it all behind
when i saw your faces
it keep on recall me all the memories
what we’ve been trough and what we’ve done
i”m tired being one of
black spot on the white
one more cup of coffee done
and here we are
struggling alone until the end
but..could it be the same
when i get old?

Hold On Tight

try to understand
why its been so hard
to be a real men
i been foughting by myself
just to be in the light
its true
a thousand empty cans
spreding out the mess
i still living in the world
wheres power means cash
i really try my best
to be with the rest
its true its true its damn true-kurt angel
how longer can i stand
this test to be a real men
sometimes i felt like giving it up
but i’m still fighting
still going
still kicking
yet it seem
i’m still go on strong


do i have all it takes to do this
to step out of this circle, out of mess it should
rain dropping in the puddle i should notice
yes i can see it, and i can feel it just the way i should
because it’s hard for me to say goodbye
i want u to know
and i’m glad that u know
bla bla bla

Sugar Jar

light on the stove
boiled the water for a cup of tea
then i seach for sugar
but i can’t find it anywhere
hei man where did u put
the sugar jar
i saw u holding it just now
i think i put it some where
in the closet or on the rack
i think i put it some where
how can i forget
yeah i remember i have put it here on the table
iwas really sure that i have put it there
don’t u try to play around with me
now tellme where the jar
tell me where it really is
where did u put the jar
if u were true it must be on the table
but i can’t see a thing
now where the jar
i did not know
i did not forget
i did remember i put here on the table
now where the jar gone
the f*****g jar
sugar jar ar ar ar ar…

The Car 1.1

drive this , drive that
turn right and get high
we have been friend
for our whole life
build this drop that
now it comes to an end
b’cause u’ve been wanted for so long
in every single second / different world
so drive this
will lead u to know where
forever and never gonna
drive this drive that
burn out and get dry
i’ve been a friend
but it comes to and end
cause i’ve been not wanted for so long
been hated and been robed by the world
so if i drive this
it will lead me to nowhere
forever i will never
drive this drive that
and it all comes to an end…

We Believe

i believe
friendship were
most good thing in life
side by side
we holding hand
theres nothing between us
yes u believe
friendship for
the good and the worse time
share our dream
share our tears
share anything
i forget not all the good time
that we had for all these years
and i forget not all the bad time
that show us who we really are
we are!!
we believe
our friendship last
untill the end of time
20 years from now?
we will see
what will happen to us
yes we believe
friendship for
the good and the bad thing
share our dream
share our tears
share anything…….
and i……bla bla bla
we are what we are!!!


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hey, where can i DL the “we believe” song?

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ey2…lirik this song is for mira tade kew?>????


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manew nyew lyric lagu goodbye by a.c.a.b….

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